Posted by: thebarbarianlibrarian | January 2, 2010

Derby Time

The 2010 derby season kicks off on Monday.  Basically that means practice 3 times a week once again.  No slacking off.  And working my ass off to get placed on the team so I can play in bouts.

Picked up some new leggings yesterday, got my lovely personalized track jacket today, my semi-new skates are all nicely broken in. check check check.

However, then I realized I forgot to take advantage of all this time off to clean my gear and my pads smell like cat pee.  Minus 10 points.

Then I took my knee pads off after a skate today to find that the inner fabric tore, revealing that the inner padding is ripped, thus worthless.  No wonder I kept hurting my knees at the end of last season!  Minus 20 points.

Don’t have any extra laces and mine look like they are about to go.  Minus 2 points.

Oh, and apparently the steroids have worn off ’cause my shoulder is pretty much back to hurting just for the hell of it.  Minus 50 points.

Well I’m sorta ready to go, right?


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