Posted by: thebarbarianlibrarian | January 11, 2010

Never a Dull Moment at My House….

Undercover kitteh!

Waaaaaait a second…..

There you are!



But I wasn’t doing anything!!!

These two are impossible, and they’re constantly wrestling even though the dog weighs 10x as much as the cat.  Seconds after I took these pictures they were going at it again on the floor.

The dog’s name is Bug.  He’s my 2 yr old Dachshund/Basset mix.  The kitten’s name is Ollie, but pretty much he just goes by KITTEN!  or Littlest Kitten depending if he’s in trouble or not.  He’s a foster I’ve had since he was 5 weeks old, but that was all the way back in August.  In the meantime my oldest cat passed away, so KITTEN! maybe might be staying…



  1. I love it! Parker (kitty) has always played with Roxy (dog) since he was little! I used to separate them right away, but now I let them go at it. Parker never extends his claws when he swats at her and Roxy is always just wagging her tail and getting in her play stance. They are truly brother and sister!! Now if only I can get the other cat to stop being a meanie!

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