Posted by: thebarbarianlibrarian | January 11, 2010

Pull Up a Chair

I’m stuck home today for the second day in a row dealing with a stupid cold, cramps, and a drowned iphone among other things.  After sleeping all morning since I was up half the night I decide to run over to the oh-so-awesome antique mall that’s a couple blocks from my apartment.  See, last night after dealing with a bloody nose, and my cat knocking the rice I was marinating my iphone in all over the kitchen, my desk chair decide to collapse out from under me.  (I’m having a fabulous week, can you tell?)

So instead of running over to Cost Plus World Market, for the 4th, yes, 4th shitty $9.99 chair, I purchased the vintage wood and metal old school desk chair for $25 that I’d been eying last time I was there.  And guess what, it’s also 10x more comfortable.  Antique Mall for the win!  I can seriously spend hours wandering around that place.  It’s a good thing I don’t have a huge house and tons of money, because I could empty that place *stat*.



  1. I love this place! Borrowed tons of great props for one of Tom’s high school plays there and they were so cool about loaning them. Congrats on your fabulous purchase!

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