Posted by: thebarbarianlibrarian | January 12, 2010

Japanese Goodies

My brother, the great world traveler, is currently living in Japan for a Navy assignment. His belated Christmas box came last week filled with Japanese goodies.

I’m not sure how I feel about the Kit Kat with the carrots and apples on the box – it tasted okay, mostly like fruity candy, not healthy, but I think I prefer chocolate! I have yet to try the hot pepper Kit Kats.
japanese food

The chocolate covered almonds aren’t very exotic, but tasty all the same. I haven’t tried the other ones yet, but it did say in English on the box that they are chocolate blueberry bars – that should be interesting.
japanese food

Pepper sauce, not really my thing. Would anybody else like to try this?
japanese food

This looks like green tea mochi, but I’ve never had non ice cream mochi. Any ideas? Do I eat them as is? There isn’t a single word of English on the box and my brother was no help.
japanese food

Last but not least, I got a Lucky Cat and a bobble head Sumo guy. The Sumo guy seems to have solar panel or something on the front, but I haven’t been able to figure out its purpose. Help?!?!
kitty and bobble head sumo dude



  1. sweet!

  2. You do realize you have a veritable Japanese expert on your derby league…that would be WATASHI! or me (in English!). Lived there, ate meiji almonds, saw lots of lucky cats. Plus I can READ (some) Japanese things. I can help you with figuring any of this stuff out. I’ll look at the mochi balls and see what I can figure out from the packaging for you. And I heard that KitKat has become super popular over there with all of these crazy flavors, yet that was after my time there. So cool!

  3. hehe Rachel — I thought you might have some ideas for me! But I knew you’d probably see this post so I was waiting for your comment. : )

  4. For some of the stuff I’ll need to use a dictionary to translate, because I can’t read some characters. Do you want to photocopy the mochi-esque balls’ packaging for me tonight and I can give you a rough translation on Thursday? One of the little diagrams is telling you to “stop!”, but I’m not sure why!! Be careful!

  5. My eyes keep going to the cameras in the background.

  6. Have him send you a samurai sword so you can give it to me.

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