Posted by: thebarbarianlibrarian | February 6, 2010


Ironic it might be, that my last post, so long ago, was about how crazy my schedule is.

But that’s just the way the cookie crumbles, no?

Anyway, work, plus derby, plus my fur monsters, plus crafting, plus socializing, has kept me damn busy.  There is good in all this though, because my league, the Santa Cruz Derby Girls, just announced its 2010 team rosters and I’m a Harbor Hellcat!  I played the last game of the 2009 season as a Harbor Hellcat, and I’m totally thrilled to be able to kick off the new season as one.

Wanna come watch me bout?  I’ll be in the Hellcats games listed below and tickets just went on sale!

March 13th (H) Bombshells v CCRD
March 27th
& 28th
(A) Dustbowl Invitational
Bakersfield, CA
April 10th (H) Hellcats v SINtral Valley
April 16th
& 17th
(A) Dust Devil Tournament
Tucson, AZ
May 15th (H) Bombshells v BADG
Oakland Outlaws
May 22nd (A) Hellcats v San Diego
June 19th (A) Bombshells v BADG
San Francisco ShEvil Dead
June 26th (H) Hellcats v Mission City
July 17th (H) Bombshells v TRD Iron Curtain
July 24th (A) Hellcats v Syndicate Roller Girls
Aug 21st (H) Hellcats v Undead Betty’s
Sept 11th (A) Hellcats v Fresno Valley Fever
Sept 25th (H) Bombshells v OC Roller Girls
Oct 23rd (H) Double Header – SCDG v SVRG

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