Posted by: thebarbarianlibrarian | March 6, 2010

Excuse Me While I Lose My Mind

My apartment looks like a war zone.  In the four years I have lived here, I’ve had a couple ants every now and then.  In the last week though, they’ve decided to take over my apartment.  They’re EVERYWHERE and it’s driving me insane!  I know it has something to do with all the rainy weather we’ve had lately and the fact that my apartment is full of holes to the outer world, but I think the clincher this time is probably the foot of standing water in the cellar under the house.  That water isn’t going anywhere any time soon, so for the time being I’m apparently screwed.

I don’t like using poisons with all the furballs around, so after a quick google search I decided the cinnamon would be the friendliest deterrent.  Ants taking over the stove?  Solution:


Ants eating the cats’ food?  Solution:


The cinnamon works great as a deterrent.  The downside though is that it doesn’t kill the ants, so they just go on their merry little way to another part of my house.  More cleaning last night resulted in a dozens of the ants being sucked up into my vacuum cleaner.  Things seemed to have died down for the time being, which is great, because I’ve had enough of flipping the light on in my bathroom to see ants scurrying all over my dresser, across my hairbrush, and into my box of band-aids. 

Make it stop!!!!



  1. Hah! I’ve heard about this cinnamon solution. Too bad about them scattering to other locations of your pad, though! Unless you’ve emptied your bag, you do realize that now they are living in your vacuum?!? They’ll find a way out…they always do!

    • I’m all over that! I have one of those bag-less vacuums – emptied it right away and took it out to the trash!

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