Posted by: thebarbarianlibrarian | March 14, 2010

The Abhorsen Trilogy

My colleague Ben hooked me up to this great trilogy.  I was skeptical at first, judging the book by its cover (bleh), and the fact that I don’t usually go things that stand out as so fantasy-y, but one day I was desperate for a good book-on-cd and typically when Ben recommends a book for me, I like it.

Sabriel is the first, and the slowest, but good enough that I wanted to keep going onward.  Occasionally I was turned off by a little too much magic talk, but the strong female character and her sidekick cat won me over.

Lirael and Abhorsen are even better because they’re about a girl that’s a librarian, who’s awesome, and she has a dog sidekick.  Plus the plot runs a little bit more quickly through these.  Lirael was my favorite, and actually you could probably get away with just reading two and three if you really wanted to, as Sabriel is more like a prequel.

When I added them to my GoodReads account I was surprised to see that so few of my friends had read them.  They’re like one of those secret classics, that’s just on the edge of being mainstream.  Kinda like the Golden Compass trilogy, just lesser known. You should check ’em out!



  1. I read those books a year or two ago. I thought they were a fun sort of read – a good fantasy romp.

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