Posted by: thebarbarianlibrarian | March 15, 2010

She Shoots….

Saturday was the first Santa Cruz Derby Girls bout of the 2010 season.  My league has two teams, the Boardwalk Bombshells (who were playing), and the Harbor Hellcats (my team).  I was the side-door bouncer for two and a half hours before the bout, and then was supposed to help usher, but it ended up that I wasn’t especially needed so I got to watch the bout and take some pictures.

The final score was Santa Cruz 110, Central Coast Roller Derby 128.  The most impressive part of the bout was Santa Cruz’s comeback after the first half.  They were so far behind at halftime, but came back fighting hard, and if there had been another minute or two, they might have even been able to snag the lead.  Not bad for the first bout of the season.  Apparently it was Central Coast’s fourth bout – that really can make a difference.

The next home game will be played by the Harbor Hellcats on April 10th against SINtral Valley.  Make sure you get your tickets early!  Saturday’s bout sold out 8 days beforehand, and I have a feeling April bout’s tickets may go even faster.


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