Posted by: thebarbarianlibrarian | March 18, 2010


Derby is … going okay I guess.  So far the beginning of the 2010 season has gone past in a blur.  The Bombshells had their first big home bout, and the Hellcats (my team) are scheduled to have ours on April 10th.  I feel like I’ve barely practiced in the last month though.  A month ago I was really sick for a week, and this last week I was even sicker for over a week.  This stop, go, stop, go, schedule just isn’t cutting it for me.  My endurance has improved, but I’m not where I feel I should be.  I’m the stand-out weakest link on my team when it comes to that.  If the coach says something like, sprint 15 laps as a pack, I’m the first to be pushed and shoved to the front, and then dragged along and yelled encouragement at the whole time.  Which is fine sometimes, but sucks when I’m already having a bad night.  It’s just not a reputation I want.


Skill and strategy-wise I’m feeling fine.  I can hit.  I’m really hard to hit.  I’m starting to really be able to skate and keep my head straight about where I should be in the pack, and help communicate instructions to the others.  For awhile I was the favorite weakest link to pick out and trap in the back by the other team, but in recent scrimmaging that hasn’t been an issue for me at all.  The one thing I still have trouble with, above all else, are my turn stops.  Yeah, I learned how to do them.  I started being able to do them going a little and little bit faster.  However, I failed to realize that however it was I was doing them only seems to work when I’m skating in a straight line.  Not on a curve.  Which is totally useless seeing as derby is played on a circular track.  Everybody else can do them, except for me, and it feels like I am wearing a great big sticker on my helmet that says turn-stop FAILURE, and somehow just because I can’t do turn-stops, it eclipses everything else I can do, and that’s what stands out about me.  Well that, AND being slow.  I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.  And seeing has I’ve been hopelessly busy with life, and work, and derby, I haven’t really had time on the side to work on them on top of being constantly sick.  Plus it doesn’t help that I keep hearing that the only reason someone can’t do turn-stops is that they’re afraid of falling.  Bullshit, do I look like I am afraid doing anything else on the track?  Anyway, it’s utterly frustrating.

I am looking forward to the bout on the April 10th.  I’ll most hopefully be playing.  I love bouting at the Civic!  It’s such a great crowd, and tons of fun.



  1. Awwwww. I totally understand. I am also the SLOWEST and I CANNOT do turnstops. And you’re right about the BS w/ re: to being afraid of falling and doing turnstops. That’s not the hurdle. I’m not sure what is, but that’s not it. You’re on a team, though! That’s the best and something that not everyone will ever accomplish. Feel better, Brainsy, and I look forward to seeing you kick some butt on 4/10!

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