Posted by: thebarbarianlibrarian | April 14, 2010


Derby continues to be a struggle lately. If it isn’t one thing, it’s another, and why can’t everything just come together?!?!sugar

My team played last Saturday – our first bout of the season – and they kicked major ass – without me. Which is awesome, and yet obviously disappointing on my end, cause it wasn’t like I was out hurt or anything. It was because I didn’t make the cut. And there’s nothing like watching the bout from the stands, and then afterward walking out on the track to congratulate your teammates and getting bounced by security!

But hey, that was then, and this is now. Time to move forward.

If only I could SKATE on the damn practice floor!!!!!!

My league moved into a warehouse last month, and it’s awesome. I had no issues at all with the concrete floor when we first moved. Slowly it started to feel more slick. I attributed it to dust and the fact the wheels, D-rods, I was using were going bald. However then I switched to my nearly new G-rods, and it was barely any better. If I cross over on the turns, I slide out. This is not good AT ALL. I know other people are having some trouble, but it seems like I’m finding myself on the ground way more than anybody else.

Can we pause for a second and consider physics for a moment? I have a theory, which might be complete bullshit, but is there any chance that my weight might be playing into this somehow? I’m the heaviest girl in the league, and most people are significantly smaller than me. I go around the turn on my G-rods and slide out. Girl B who weighs much less than me goes around the turn on her G-rods without a problem. Does the extra pressure and force make it more likely for me to slide out? Does anybody know?  What else could it be? Bad form? Weak legs? Someone cursed me?!?

I currently have some sugar hybrid wheels on order. A number of my league-mates are using these as pushers and like them. I’m thinking that maybe I just want to put all eight of them on my skates. I think as a blocker it’s way more important for me to have stability rather than sprinting speed. Anybody have thoughts on this either?




  1. I don’t think it’s just you, sister! I’ve been sliding out like crazy on that floor.
    I completely agree on the switching up the wheels. I was skating on teeny tiny Radar Diamonds and moved to G-rods for exactly the same reasons. As a blocker, we don’t necessarily need the speed and really, it’s easier to hit bitches when we are slower. So I’m all for whatever gives blockers stability.

    • okay, glad to hear it’s not just me. i can’t wait to get my new wheels!!!!!!!

  2. Ah! Where is Xena Paradox when we need her! (

    After a bit of googling, I remember the physics of going around a turn (

    The force required to get you through the turn is

    m v^2/r

    (m times v squared divided by r) where m is your mass (say in kilograms), v is your speed through the turn and r is the radius of the turn… so the greater the mass or the greater the speed or the tighter the turn, the greater the force the track has to supply to get you through the turn.

    The maximum amount of force the track can exert on you is the force of static friction (as long as your wheels are rolling and not slipping), which is


    (u times m times g), where m is your mass, g is the gravitational constant, and u is the coefficient of static friction. The stickier the track is or the grippier your wheels are, the higher the coefficient of static friction will be.

    So if you’re interested in the maximum speed you can go through a particular turn you would equate those two quantities

    mv^2/r = umg

    and the masses on each side of the equation cancel out to give

    v^2 / r = ug

    So, apparently the skater’s mass isn’t a facter in how fast you can go through a turn without slipping. This suggests that you need to get grippier or stickier wheels, or…

    if you could alter your form a bit to effectively increase the radius, by throwing your hips out (towards the outside of the turn) that might make the difference between slipping and staying on your feet.

    (I should come clean and admit that the last time I skated was in junior high and my method of stopping was “oh, look, a wall, I think I’ll stop there.)

    Anyway, hope the derby starts to click soon.

    • okay nocklebeast, you get an a++ for doing the assignment, thanks : )

  3. OMG – I just posted the wheel question on the Fresh Meat Group since I am having so so so much trouble skating at the warehouse. Being one of 2 people who weren’t allowed to take the scrimmage assessment was quite frustrating (and humiliating) and I just feel that if I wouldn’t slip around so much that I would do OK. But, since it doesn’t seem like anyone else is having the problem as severely as I do, I was just assuming that it is “operator error” on my part. I have Heartless Stalkers but am going to go back to my Radar wide wheels for the next practice to see if that helps any. Good luck to you – we’re rooting for you!

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