Posted by: thebarbarianlibrarian | April 24, 2010

Squishy, Sticky, Sugar Wheels

Note to self: even though people online make it SOUND like you can use all 8 Sugar Wheels, on warehouse concrete floor you do NOT want to use all 8.  Or even all 4.  Unless you’re a bad-ass with super strong legs.  I made the mistake of starting practice with all 8.  A couple laps later I was back on the bench swapping wheels out.  THANK GOODNESS I brought my G-Rods in with me.  I decided to do 2 on each foot.  That was a little better, but they were still making me work way too hard.  When you already have a reputation for crappy endurance, you don’t want to make yourself look even worse due to bad wheel choice.  Again it was back to the bench with me, and I narrowed it down even more to 1 on each foot.  One each didn’t make too noticeable difference on my speed, but did save me on the slipping and sliding some, but not enough, so I may have to bite the bullet and add another sugar wheel.  We shall see.


My team plays May 22nd in San Diego.  They already announced the roster, and I wasn’t initially on it, but there maybe might be some changes.  I’m still waiting to hear.  Too bad the roster isn’t based on the number of people you knock down at practice, because then I’d definitely be on it.  Or plow stops!  We were doing this drill at practice the other night where you sprinted, and when you reached one cone you started plowing, and you had to stop before the next cone.  THAT I could do well.  Hrm, maybe I should make a little commercial of myself kicking ass, including footage of me knocking two girls over at once like dominoes….


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