Posted by: thebarbarianlibrarian | August 8, 2010

Current Wishlist….

My birthday is coming up, and people keep asking me what I want! So here’s a list I threw together:

*Sewing Class
*New Skates, Sz 6 please!
*Vintage Slides, to make one of these!
*iphone Alarm Clock
*Doggie DNA Test
*Pound ‘o Felt
*Vintage Book Shirts, Sz Men’s M please!
*Snaps/Snap Pliers
*This Helmet or this Helmet (in green) Sz L please!
*Apple Magic Trackpad
*Mini Gas Grill
*Hand Mixer
*Pinking Shears
*Camera Lens
*Inside or Outside Plants
*Vintage/Antique Cameras
*Tickets to Shakespeare Santa Cruz
*Visit to Raging Waters
*Visit to the California Academy of Sciences
*Visit to the Legion of Honor Museum
*Visit to the SFMOMA and Cartoon Art Museum
*Trips anywhere, especially Denver, Madison, or Evansville


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