Posted by: thebarbarianlibrarian | November 23, 2010

Games with My Cats

There’s this certain cabinet in my bathroom. It looks like this:


My cats, specifically the all-evil Sprout,

it's chewy!

are of the opinion that the cabinet needs to be open at all times:


Every time I got into the bathroom I close it, and every time I come back it’s open. muhahaha!

This morning as I got in the shower, Sprout opened it and walked inside, and I decided to close the door on her.

I knew full-well that she could pop it open and escape easily, but I also felt evilly powerful.

When I got out of the shower, Kitten!!!


was messing with the door, but when I opened it, Sprout was gone.

Flash forward ten minutes. I’m fixing my hair and hear scrapping coming from the cabinet area. I reopen the cabinet, still no cat. I call Sprout’s name and hear a distant meow in reply.

That bastard cat has become a magician and taught herself the disappearing from a box trick!

It turns out she’d squeezed behind the back panel into the abyss of nothingness. Luckily she managed to fit her fat ass back out a few minutes later.

The evil cats win again!


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